Buffalo Tom don’t really need a formal introduction. Playing since the late 80’s as active part of the alternative rock scene with other bands like Dinosaur Jr and Husker Du, they have a new album out “Quiet and Peace” , the first in 7 long years. We asked Bill Janovitz a few questions. 

1. When I first started to listen your music, more than 25 years ago, even without reading or being able to understand the lyrics, the feeling that was coming out was something like: “Things are not going as I’d like them to yet I won’t give up doing my best.” Is it something you can relate to or was it just my personal movie?
Sure, that sounds like as good as any interpretation of general themes of the music and lyrics.

2. Can you describe me your typical day? What sort of things give you joy?
I have a day job, but it is my own real estate business, so I still don't really have typical days. This time of year is generally slow, so I sleep late, have coffee, read the news, answer emails, exercise on a bike, try to write something -- music or otherwise -- see my family, have dinner, read and watch TV at night. Sometimes I go to shows. Sometimes I am pulled in a million directions for work. In the summer I try to spend as many days and nights near the ocean. Sometimes, rarely, Buffalo Tom is on tour. So there are no real typical days.

3. How did your relationship with music changed over many years?
I went from being an amateur who played for the love of it, to playing professionally, but still for the love of it. Eventually Buffalo Tom decided to stop touring so much, which meant we were no longer considering it our main career. So now it is all just bonus years, every record, every show, it is all just extra. And we love it more purely again. For a while, the music part of my life was too mixed up with being a business and it started to become stressful. Now I feel lucky again to be playing, recording, and performing, and having an audience who cares about us.

4. Three songs you listened more in your life and the three you listened more in the last year.

My life:
1. Gimme Shelter
2. As (Stevie Wonder)
3. Dear Prudence

This year:
1. All My Friends LCD Soundsystem
2. Loving Cup -- Rolling Stones
3. Call the Police -- LCD Soundsystem

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