New beginnings and roads to discover, esoteric shades and sparkles of light.

Lankum – Between the Earth and the Sky. So classic they’re almost avant-garde. Traditional Irish music in “roots” mode.

Red Mountains – Slow wander. It could almost be classified as stoner but in fact it’s excellent hard-rock which at times reminds of Alice in Chains.

Mork – Eremittens Dal. Great no frills Black Metal. An extract of suspended and latent malignancy.

Folkstone – Ossidiana. Many things about them annoy me and hurt my idea of musical beauty. However, they also attract me in some sort of magic and ancient way, and, in the end, magic always wins.

Electric Wizard – Wizard Bloody Wizard. Same quality and greatness as usual. Doom and psychedelia perfectly mixed and, in this last venture, a hint of blues.

Mohama Saz – Negro es el poder. A very interesting cauldron of musical styles, psychedelia, middle-eastern sounds and world music tainted with garage. Rather than some beautiful songs it’s the guts to experiment that I found fascinating.

Jess and The Ancient Ones – The Horse and other weird tales. In between prog and psychedelia from Finland, Jess sings like a sourceress carrying out ancient rituals in the northern forests during the summer solstice when darkness leaves room to light.

The White Buffalo – Darkest darks, Lightest light. Our White Buffalo hasn’t lost its inspiration and has come up with another beautiful set of songs. Just like getting on a bike to wander and discover endless horizons on long, straight mountain roads.

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