1) Let’s begin from the name: who are Laphroaigers and why this name?
Laphroaigers is a group of musicians and friends passionate about food who wanted to go back to old acoustic sounds and mix them with new elements. Because we love Scottish whisky, we chose to tribute Laphroaig, which is a type of single malt whisky extremely matured that you can either love or hate: we believe that music should be exactly like that.

2) What’s the aim of this band and how does it distance itself from your other projects?
Laphroaigers is tightly bound to “106” project and “The Rope” album published by Rivertale productions, it’s a completely acoustic side of the same astrofolk search that (in the album) was more electric and electronic. Also, with Laphroaigers I have the opportunity to play songs that I have not writtenand that date back to the beginning of last century and even earlier.

3) When is the time that most inspires you and how does your creative process work?
For sure our ideal environment is very social, we like fine eating and drinking with our friends: our band itself is made of friends and this allows for a natural flow in music. From the point of view of song-writing, I write a lot and am always full of ideas, we’re currently reharsing some stuff that could end up in the next “106” album…

4) Three records that changed your way of making music
we probably have different records, but as far as Laphroaigers is concerned, I would say
- Marc Ribot Y los Cubanos Postizos “The Prosthetic Cubans”
- Tom Waits “Mule Variations”
- Johnny Cash “Live at Folsom Prison”

5) Last New Year’s Eve you played a very “cosy” gig at Rural Music Club, what can we expect from this New Year’s eve performance (still here, with us at Cascina Bellaria RMC!)
Oh well, definitely we want you guys to feel good and have a great time and hopefully dance the night away! We don’t put any musical barriers, the only limit may be the fact that we’ll be playing with very old and acoustic instruments that we built ourselves. We hope the audience won’t put us in a box trying to define our genre and that they’ll have a good, long night of party.

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