Claudia is on the sofa is a songwriter with an “american” heart who loves playing her beloved Emmylou Ribs guitar to tell stories, whispers, noise and silences to those who like to listen. We met her for a brief interview and asked her about her loves, her passions and of course, her music.

21) 30 words to tell us who is Claudia and why is she sitting on a sofa
Claudia is me: song-writer, storyteller, explorer who always comes home and what’s more comfy than a nice sofa? Soft and warm like a hug where one can rest, have fun, cry, dream or simply listen. Basically a lovely place to take you to!

2) What inspires you, what’s your working method and hat would you like to convey?
I live, observe, listen and breathe stories of lives that have been lived. I collect them and cradle them in the warmth of my sofa. Here, everything finds a cosy place to exist and becomes a story. Just like when it snows and you look out the window.

3) Three records that changed your way of making music
Oh, there is far more than three, so let me mention at least four: “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts club band” by The Beatles, “Everybody knows this is nowhere” by Neil Young, the “Murder ballads” by Nick Cave and “Metals” by Feist.


4) What can we expect from your live at Cascina Bellaria?
Stardust and the scent of trees, all mixed in an intimate living room, enveloped by soft voices and the piano and strings magic touch.


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