Winter morning, the light shining shyly through the curtains, lips looking for one another just as if coming off LSD

Bonny Doon – Bonny Doon. Lovely, no-fuss and laid back alt-pop album. Worth listening lying comfortably with no shoes or other clothing, hust get into the mood and you’ll love them

Gill Landry – Love ride a dark horse. Deep voice and beautiful Americana style songs. Nothing new though it is a safe haven

Mipso – Coming down the mountain. Another Roots Americana album from this young four-piece band who are able to come up with great ballads and deserve all the success they are reaping across the pond. I love them!

Converge – The Dusk in us. Anger, dark anguish, rough violence. This is a record so intense it’s hard to get close to it

Julien Baker – Turn out the light. I heard her previous album (Sprained Ankle) as soon as it was out and it was love at first sight. Since then, less than two years ago, Julien Baker has become quite famous, with even her first record going on reprinting. Thankfully success didn’t make her happier and this second album is still full of the melancholic melodies and misery that we all so love.

Lee Ann Womack – The lonely, the lonesome & the gone. Country, gospel and blues hybrid. Kind of nocturnal, her charming voice will totally envelope you

Peter Broderick – All together again. This neo-classical artist is able to make music even for those who long light, classy pop

Josh Ritter – Gathering. Warm, embracing and and melancholic. Folk whispers for broken hearts.

The Shelter People – The Shelter People ep. They travel on a spaceship which is out of time and space. A hippy band playing futuristic vintage psychedelia

Blushes – Private viewing. I got to know them through our Saturday 3 by M.D. (cheers Ludo). They’re a strange mix. Nothing to do with The XX, though for some reason I’m reminded of them because of the two voices and the suspended sounds. In this handful of songs you’ll find a bit of everything but also something new

Langhorne Slim – Lost at Last vol.1. I always liked LS. He’s a good song-writer, has some appeal and he’s coarse enough for me to like him. This is not his best but he’s still worth listening and may be a good opportunity to get to know his music

F Ingers – Awkwardly Blissing Out. This is the great and musically elegant Carla Dal Forno’s band. We are dealing with endless loops and Carla uses her voice like a whisper, repeating lullabies, making sounds that get lost in the galaxy. The result is like the depth of a starry sky

The Undergroud Youth – Fuzz Club Session. Great psychedelic urban band, distorted and full of echoes. It’s just like losing oneself in velvet spirals (Velvet Underground?!)

Peter and the bluebonnet Rattlesnakes – Don’t go baby it’s gonna be weird without you. Back to the wide american sky and songs for a warm evening under the porch

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams – Contraband Love. Fireplace sparkle in a Christmas family scenario

Rocky Wood – Ok, no wait. They played here a few years ago. Partly Swiss and partly American. A particular voice with incredible charm that finds its home in soft and swaying sounds. the songs are not always up to Blind Hawaii though still pleasant.

Spirit Fest – Spirit Fest. Delicate music, whispered melodies with two voices wrapped in analogue sounds. A record to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon reading a good book.

Jaye Bartell – In the time of trouble a wild exultation. Jaye writes beautiful pop and intimist pop songs. He sings them with a warm voice and a fancy attitude that adds that indie folk ingredient. The songs seem to come out of the first album by Angel Olsen who appears here and there as a second voice.

Darkthrone – Arctic Thunder. The record just did not come out but I was crippled. They are for quality in time among the absolute best of Black Metal.

Jesus on Heroine – Ardhanarishvara. I have to admit that I love their name and the final track of the album bears an enlightening title: Drugs Definitely Work. But, even without this, it would still be a pleasure to listen to them and get lost in their musical coils.

Protomartyr – Relatives Descent. It’s not one of those records to put on while doing the other easy stuff such as painting your toenails. Perhaps it’s not even suitable for listening to with friends unless you want to depress them all. Cause , in the end, Protomartyr exude frustration and they do it really well

Darto – Human giving. Analog sounds for rickety indie ballads.

Whiskey Shivers – Some Part of Something. Già dal nome, essendo un amante della bevanda, non possono che piacermi. Grezzi, rurali e ignoranti Already from the name, being a lover of the drink, I cannot but like them. Rural, rough and raw

Wild Ponies – Galax. Bluegrass country style. Easy and feisty

Bell witch – Mirror Reaper. Let’s end with the most difficult proposal. A single track, a long and slow lament of 83 minutes and 15 seconds. If you think you can bear it, it has an absolute charm.

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