Good ol’ Axl used to say Nothing lasts forever in the cold November rain, as memories and loves fade behind dark and sweet psychedelic keys.

The Deep Dark Woods – Yarrow. Such a powerful voice could sing the trashiest Cliff Richard songs and still sound amazing. More over their lyrics are beautiful nostalgic gems. Awesome!

Yusuf/Cat Stevens – The Laughing Apple. Yusuf is back on Cat Stevens mode. Thanks god for that (or Allah, or the Tooth fairy, or whatever your choice of god is!)

Schammasch – The Maldoror Chants. Esoteric doom with a summoning, powerful voice. Dark journey with meditative hues.

Kimi Karki – Eye for an Eye. Had he been born in California, he would have morphed into the perfect hippy. However he’s Finnish so his prog-psychedelic music is kind of wet and strongly reminiscing of oxes.

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – Lotta Sea Lice. The king and queen of a “can’t-be-arsed” indie. A great album that sounds “home-made” (in a good way) but in truth is not (again, in a good way).

Brand New – Science Fiction. Gorgeous songs, some even sublime. Sophisticated and rough at the same time, able to produce a great sound. They like to keep us waiting and the wait is always worth.

Ibeyi – Ash. Vocal virtuosisms make me dizzy. However, they are really realy good and if you like the genre (minimal music and loads of voices) then these are for you.

Monarch! – Never Forever. Dark and fascinating. Uncompromised nihilistic esoteric doom. However, only for stomachs with excellent digestive capabilities.

Sator – Ordeal. Doom again though they’re more visceral and beasty earthlings.

Sannhet – So Numb. Dark and majestic post-rock.

New Candys – Bleeding Magenta. They played our venue some time ago. From Italy, advocates of a “Telescopes inspired” dark psychedelic sound verging on mysticism also thanks to the use of Sitar here and there.

The World is a Beautiful Place but I Am no longer afraid to die – Always foreign. Great indie album with nostalgic hues featuring a “never give up” mood.

Kadavar – Rough Times. Their album sleeves are kind of terrifying (and not in a good way). Truly horrid. However they can write and play terrific vintage hard-rock songs.

Torres – Three futures. Perhaps this young lady charms the crowds with both her beauty and music. She is is a little too posh and not enough “rural” for my taste though I am sure more urban people will find her likeable.

Camerata Mediolanense – Le vergini Folli. Decadent classic retaining quite an allure. Personally, I can only listen to them in small doses yet I find them remarkable.

EMA – Exile in the Outer Ring. Sub-urban decay, an album that sounds like a loser’s carol. I worship them with no reserve!

My Sad Captains – Sun Bridge. Pastel colours, the light seeping through the window and an enveloping sound. A great album to listen to while reading on the sofa wrapped up in a warm blanket.

Godspeed you! Black Emperor – Luciferian Towers. I’m amazed at how it is possible to make such extreme political music without using the voice. They totally manage to do it every single time.

The Heroine – Wolf Mama. We “adopted” them and we’re working hard to bring them over for a live gig. Rough and ready super “Rural” sound from Texas that reminds you of Clutch. Stay tuned as soon we’re going to publish an exclusive interview.

Spelljammer – Inches from the sun. Nothing less than a rock thrown at you. It’s just as if Helmet played stoner. Awesome and totally not to miss!

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