The end of summer is an excuse to hug our soul with distant sounds and silky melodies that help us soaking up the last september sun.

Warm Soda – I don’t wanna grow up. The title says it all. Lightness and fun with a slightly melancholic note which highlight the passing of time in spite of everything

Beth Ditto – Fake Sugar. Great voice and presence, beautiful songs and a powerful charismatic presence

Jade Jackson – Gilded. American music at its best. She’s as wonderful as her songs and reminds me a lot a Lucinda Williams without all the suffering

The Telescopes – As Light Return. One of the very few instances in which the many years of success, music, albums and tours do not influence the sound quality in a negative way. On the contrary, the distorted and noisy psychedelic sound of the new album is thoroughly in tune with the present moment.

Kimi Karki – Eye for an eye. Moody progressive album from Finland that sounds like it had been recorded by a guy who got lost in a forest and has no hope to get out even though he quite likes it.

Yasmine Hamdam – Al Jamilat. A string of songs distinguished by a middle eastern charm that would go smooth as silk in one of the many hipster cafès worldwide

Las Rosas – Everyone gets exactly what they want. Apart from the prophetic title more realistic than what we may like to believe, the music is perfect for a beach lit up by the last September sun when summer begins to steadily fall into autumn.

Equal Idiots – Eagle Castle BBQ. If you liked the first Warm Soda, these guys ride the same wave, although Equal Idiots seem to be definitely younger, coarser and deprived of the melancholic stringer

Banditos – Visionland. One of the many "community" bands that seems to come from the US province and, between a beer and a hamburger pulls great songs out of the cowboy hat.

Mogwai – Every Country’s sun. Diehard scots who were among the initiators of what was then called post-rock, advocates of a music that sometimes stops being a song and becomes contemporary classical music then goes back to being pop music.

The National – Sleep Well Beast. Singer Matt Beringer could sing some washing machine instructions and still make it so beautiful. Having said that, I can honestly that The National take advantage of his asset to make great moody songs perfect for the Fall.

Cacy & Clayton – The Siren’s song. Vintage folk, the perfect music for a photo taken 40 years ago which I still like a lot.

Kayleth – The Second Coming of Heavy, Chapter VI. I believe that Italy at the moment has a Treasure that, as many others, is likely to be lost and forgotten. The treasure are some bands, the first ones that come to mind are Humulus and Black Rainbow, which we could call Stoner if the finest quality. Kayleth is also part of this treasure. I hope someone realizes it and allows them to have the success they deserve.

Cyanna Mercury – Archetypes. From Greece, still some stoner nuances mixed with traditional greek music, prog hints and melodic sweet voice.

Fuoco Fatuo – Backwater. Let’s end the list with some gloom, desperation and apocalypse. Four sulphurous and hallucinogenic tracks. Only for the lovers of the darkest darkness.

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