We had a chat with the band who’s also headlining the second night of Bliss Beat Festival and we discovered that after all, they are not as mean as they seem (or are they?)

Your sound is quite raw and reminiscent of some of the best stoner-rock born in the vast and open Californian desert, considering you guys live in a chaotic city such as Rome, how do you work on your inspiration to make your music as hot as Joshua Tree?
Well, to be honest our sound is a mix of many things, partly we look up to the stoner scene but we are also very close to the meanest Detroit scene (Stooges and MC5) as well as early Black Sabbath.

How much are drugs and/or alcohol, part of your creative process?
Not that much, we prefer to use our natural creativity and we always try to improve and push ourselves beyond our limits. If you use substances to help your creativity, it’s just going to end up a little messy. It’s all right to have fun and party hard but if you’re serious about music, you should not rely on substances at all.

Which track was very tough to put together but in the end proved to be a kick-ass song?
When a song needs too much work to be right, then it is probably not going to be right anyway. Art and music in general is something that happens as a combination of experiences. The last track we penned and that we’re quite proud of is “The Red Sky Above” , as it’s a sort of preview of the new direction our music is going towards, stoner albeit more esoteric and with doom influences

The most embarrassing gig of your career?
Well we try to stay positive and remember the good gigs! But I’d say that although we’ve had a fair share of “flops” at the beginning of our career, playing in front of a handful of people, overall we’ve been quite lucky!

What can we expect from Black Rainbows at Bliss Beat Festival?
Considering that the day after our gig at Bliss, we’re locking ourselves into the studio to record the new album, you’re in for a treat with some some of the new songs!

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