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She’d gone out one morning leaving all behind, went to dance with the clouds and sing with the proud and the loud. Far away silken waves break on candy-floss cliffs, oblivious of their own eternity.

Colter Wall - Colter Wall. Let's start with the best. There are no words, very beautiful and fascinating. A James Dean who finds a voice of a mature Johnny Cash. Beautiful songs. The only excuse for not adoring him, is that you may not like the genre. In any case, he will become a classic.

Medusa1975 - Rising from Ashes. Dark psychedelic prog. A soundtrack that represents hippy witches dancing naked in a weathered forest.

Aldous Harding – Party. A New Zealand gal who does not always plays party music, but an intimate and melancholic folk. Good girl, beautiful songs that are always pending between music and silence. To keep for the evenings in which to lie down in melancholy.

Slowdive - Slowdive. We are facing a myth of alternative music. The Slowdives have been unforgettable authors, that have created genres. So if you do not know them their latest album is a good excuse to fix it. That said they are always themselves, but the latter record is not one of their best.

The Proper Ornaments - Foxhole. Put on the record and you immediately feel on Californian beach at sunset. Although I have never been on a Californian beach. Pastel-colored solar music.

Curse The Son - Isolator. Here, you slip into a muddy hole from which to get out losing your nails.

Forming The Void - Relic. Interstellar flight into the space and inside the psyche with a load of weight and structure.

Monkey 3 - Astra Symmetry. Meditative ritual music between stoner and ethnic. Great group.

Samsara Blues Experiment - One with the Universe. We were missing it. It’s at least 3 years that we are trying to bring them to the Bliss Beat Festival, but for several reasons they couldn’t. This last album is more meditative and less stoner. The fact that I prefer them more rough, does not take away anything from their value.

Tim Grimm and the Family Band - A stranger in this time. I imagine them out of their farm, Tim, his wife and the children spending the evenings playing and singing together, composing spontaneously the beautiful American roots songs.

Bob Wayne - Bad Hombre. We'll have him here this summer and look forward to it. Irreverent country punk. Viva Bob!

Juliana Hatfield - Pussycat. Rarely an artist succeeds in reproofing the same music for twenty years, moreover a super basic one that we could call pop folk, and do it at high level. Juliana continues to write beautiful songs!

Yorkston, Thorne, Khan - Neuk Wight Delhi All Star. The trio continues to produce a mix between Albion's folk and Indian music. Guys out of time and space.

Solstafir - Berdryminn. Cold, desolation, loneliness, and strength. If summer and light bother you this is a cozy corner to take refuge.

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