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A Wild West saloon, smudged red lips lost before the Mojave desert's fire, right where reality and imagination meet. Ecstatic bliss. Doped out. It’s time to go again.

The Molochs - America's Velvet Glory. A dip in the 60's landing on a California beach. Lightness, sun, surf and a bit of psychedelic acid.

Mount Eeire - A Crow Looked at me. Mount Eeire has so far been mostly expanded sounds. This album, on the other hand, is the inner story of a loss and the memories related to everyday life that make it painful and unacceptable. Not to be used at party moments, but still a remarkable disc.

Rayna Gellert - Workin's Too Hard. A few words for a great disc. Simple American roots songs, all beautifully performed.

Sinkane - Life & Livin'. In here is funky, ethnic music reggae rhythms and much more. All the stuff I usually avoided but in this case I got stuck on it.

Humulus - Reverently Heading into Nowhere. A great stoner rock record for an Italian group that we will have the honor to host on August 19th. Guitars, great vocal technique, all perfect.

Dead Soldiers - The Great Emptiness. We saw them live in Austin a month ago. A very good live performance. After their concert I chatted with the singer who confessed to me that for this record they collided by investing all their savings. The result is a hot record with so much heart and beautiful folk roots and gospel songs. Give it a chance, you will not regret it.

The Heroine - Playing for Keeps. We saw them live at the SXSW Festival. Live, they are a blues cyclone, with a singer who seems to have a bee swarm in the tight-fitting jeans. We are doing our best to make them come to Europe in 2018. In the meanwhile, listen to their record.

The Obsessed - Sacred. Here is the story and the present of Doom Metal. That unbroken thread that starts from the Black Sabbath and passes through different creatures (worthy of mentioning the Saint Vitus among them) comes to this Sacred.

Backwood Spirit - Backwood Spirit. They certainly love Black Crowes, but we're not talking about a bit of stuff. For such lovers.

The Black Angels - Death Song. We are facing one of the largest groups of psychedelia, which tends to be dark. Nothing oppressive.

The Kernal - Light Country. The title says it all or almost. Put it on, catch a frozen beer, and watch the horizon.

Heath Green & The Makeshifter - S / T. A very good record for a great travel drive. Put it on, leaving the road leading you.

King Woman - Created in the image of suffering. Sulfur music, a song that is almost a lament, an esoteric music rite.

Coco Hames - Coco Hames. Put it on, the darkness fades while a sense of positive lightness takes hold of you and you find yourself in a smiling cloak.

Kikagaku Mojo - Stone Garden. A group of Japanese hippies who played for us last year. Simply great creators of Lysergic travels.

The Routes - In This Perfect Hell. Dirty and scratchy garage rock.

The Paparhead - Chew. Light psychedelic pop music suitable for hot summer evenings.

The Devil and the Almighty Blues - II. The name of the group is a statement of intent. Powerful Blues guitars that create a landscape where there is everything you need without anything superfluous.

Ulver - The Assassination of Julio Caesar. A book should be written on their music. 20 years ago, they played a extraordinary Black Metal music. Since then, they have made so many high quality records of different genres, but all in some way recognizable and outstanding. This is their pop record where there are Depeche Mode and Cure, but still is Ulver’s.

Curse of Lono - Severed. Much of the songs can be considered Alt-Country and Americana, though the sound have something out of the "genre". They can write beautiful songs and their album is a great journey.

Ha Ha Tonka - Heart-Shaped Mountain. A sense of freshness and lightness accompanied by a "feel" that never becomes two sweet.

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