1. Stoner Rock is quite commonly associated to the intake of illegal substances but it’s also a type of music which features bear a resemblance with meditation music. Tell us your personal experience.

I think that the much talked about concept of "alteration of states of conscience" can be traced back to the most beautiful experiences that can be lived through the human mind. Leaving for a moment the banned substances behind, even sex or art such as paintings, sculptures, palaces, movies or rock music can provide the same effect. In the last few years, I have approached some meditative practices, as a beginner, to help me solve some minor health problems (with success). I think the feeling I look for, is very similar to what I'm looking for when playing stoner rock or doom. The repetitiveness and the intrinsic heaviness" of the music tend to take me away from the "here and now" approach and I find it very healthy for my psychophysical well-being.

2. Its the end of the world but you managed to blag a seat on a spaceship leaving for a new, wonderful planet. Unfortunately, you only have a plus one to bring with you. Who would go for: John Garcia, Josh Homme or Rhianna?

Se accadesse veramente, sull’astronave porterei la mia compagna e mio figlio, ovviamente; però, volendo rispondere in maniera divertente a una domanda divertente, posso dire che prenderei molto sul serio la missione di ripopolamento del pianeta, quindi sarei “costretto” a portare Rhianna, magari durante il viaggio ascolteremmo “Sky Valley” a tutto volume.
If this really happened I would save my partner and our son, however to reply in a fun way to a fun question, I think I would take on the mission to breed and I would probably be “forced” to bring Rhianna, but I would play Sky Valley all the way to the new planet

3. It’s your funeral: describe with one adjective the three records you’d like to be buried with.

I’d get buried with one of our records, either Sundog or Humulus (though I hope this moment is still far away). I would definitely want something heavy like Sky Valley (Kyuss) or Paranoid (Black Sabbath) and something acoustic like Inside Out by John Martyn.
Rather than an adjective, I’d like to use a quote by Walt Whitman “Do I contradict myself? Of course I do! I am big, I hold multitudes”.
As per words….I would let my son say what he feels: that it is good or bad, it would be right for him to say his opinion, I will always accept his judgment. In addition to all this I would like to bring a book, it should be representative of a part of my life; At the moment I would say, "The music of chance" by Paul Auster, that I loved so much, but it is obviously not representative of my whole life; I am a much happier person than I once was.

4. If beer was a musical instrument, which one would it be and which brand?

I would say the guitar, which is the instrument that lately I play the most, although it should be tuned a couple of keys below. I would also say a nice Moog or some other old synth. It would definitely be a stout, beautiful bodied and creamy.

5. What do you like of the world we live in? What would you like to erase for ever?

I like people and what people can create, I like their diversity, I like their contradictions, I like their beauty. I like the sea.
I would like to see disappear the communication issues between people and cultures, I would also like to eradicate money and its atrocious importance, but I realize it is a ridiculous idea. Let's say I'd like at least that money had less weight in everyone's life. We are all slaves, we all accept it more or less, but it's nice to think, in an ideal world and only for a few seconds, that somewhere else is possible.

Humulus in Concert - August 19th, 2017. For more info read the Humulus' bio!


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