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An imaginary road-trip through the endless highways of a rainbowie world. The desert has never been this red.

Great stuff this month!
Novella - Change of State. Alt Pop with nuances of psychedelic loop. Really enjoyable.

Meursault - I will kill again. High-class, melancholyc alt Pop. In balance between inserts digital analog and folk.

Rhiannon Giddens - Freedom Highway. Just bow and listen. Great voice, great songs, an album with no weak points.

All Them Witches - Sleeping Through the War. More than a band, a real community. They are found in the woods, improvising and sometimes creating some psychedelic pearls.

Ne-Hi - Offers. We sacrificed. A few days ago to be able to keep up to date we were at the SXSW Festival in Austin. I know, but someone has to make certain efforts. Among the many groups, we have listened to these youngsters. They are great live. On record, they can improve, but, still the album worth more than a listen.

Arbouretum - Song of the rose. I never thought in my life to find myself in a situation where the group I've heard more in recent years will play in the backyard. This summer, the Arboretum will play at Cascina Bellaria !! That said, Song of the rose is their last album. Magnificent as always. If I have to find a weakness, I might have left the sound dirtier and heavyer. But these are just details, I will never get tired of them.

The Jesus and Mary Chain. It would be nice that you all knew who they are. If not this could be an opportunity to listen to them. They continue to be equal to themselves. If you do not know them, our compilation contains two of their classical songs as well as some of their last album.

Bargou 08 - Targ. Arabic music that will make you move your ass and end up with a nice Hookah and protagonist of your own Arabian Nights.

Froth - Outside (Briefly). Tablets of psychedelic pop that melt in your mouth, leaving a warm, sweet rounded flavor.

Geotic - Billionth Remnant. A digital, comfortable Pop for astral travel.

Grandaddy - Last Place. I remember them as one of the ‘90 groups inspired by the great Pavement. They are out now with a new album of pop-rock-skewed. Always good.

Greg Graffin - Millport. The boy is the singer of the Bad Religion (punk history Californian band). He sings as a soloist with a good record of Americana and Alt Country. Half of the Social Distortion play with him and the other half of Bad Religion produce it. Great people!

Kelly Lee Owens - Kelly Lee Owens. Minimal Electronics with lots of space between the sounds. Many guests, sometimes we make a few dance steps, and at the end of the record, you look forward to listen to it all over again.

Jesca Hoop - Memories are now. Whenever I listen to her records, I feel safe. Always good, simple and profound songs, to be listened to with a cat above the belly.

Alice Jemima - Alice Jemima. A young girl with a great voice that winds between digital bubbles. For your best cool cocktails.

Laura Marling - Semper Femina. Laura Marling has become famous without committing or being compromised. She continues to do what she likes and is good at. There is always a certain detachment in her songs as if she never wanted to find out everything.

Pontiak - Dialectic of ignorance. Among the heroes of the "new" psychedelic wave. Music for meditation and interstellar travel.

Shadow Band - Wilderness of love. Another band-community. Always dark psychedelia built on folk. A night walk through the woods surrounded by mist.

Orangutan - The Mules of Nana. How I love them! Solid hard-rocking blues. Wow!

Mothership - High Strangeness. Heavy sounds, searing solos and solid rhythms. A great spaceship who is not afraid of any disturbing aliens.

Pallbearer - Heartless. Dark, slow, doom litanies. A beautiful journey to the darkest corners of life and beyond life.


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