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Willie Sugarcapps - Paradise right here. A very precise title, as if you listen to this album you are in paradise. The CD is Grayson Capps’s work, who also played here at Cascina Bellaria in 2015, who meets with a few trusted friends to play for the sheer pleasure of playing together creating paradise. All is nice but I want to quote to you "May we love", a pearl with a universe within.

The Stray Birds - Magic fire. Magic album full of good songs. Here you find roots of Americana. Among the high-quality songs, I remember "Sabrina" a piece that fills with enthusiasm and love of life, dancing and jumping. Then comes "When I die" and they get to be epic, poetic and really touching. Great!!

Cody Jinks - I'm not the devil. Always American more on the side of the damn cowboy. A nice CD with the song "I'm not the devil" that soars. One of the best plays of the month.

Psychic Ills - Inner Journey Out. When the psichedelic albums come from California, there are sunny sunsets, people with flowers in her hair, some joints in between mellow guitars. But this group is from New York and it is another story. There is the pastel colors kaleidoscope, but who plays seems to have taken something heavy, and soft borders becomes morbid, you can sink in it, ending up in a tunnel from which you do not want to get out.

Laura Gibson - Empire Builder. High-class Alt Pop interpreted with a distinctive voice and a superfine class. Do not you get tired of listening to it, as it is perfect for every occasion. If you're sad, you will be well, if you're happy, you will think "Wow that's cool!", and if you’re reading it slips between the words.

Leonard Cohen - You want it darker. After the first time I listened to it, I said to myself: "it is rather better listening to his old things" Then after a couple of plays, you get trapped by this new disc. I do not know if it is because the songs are really worth or for his deep, and painful voice that you would listen even if you were reading the instructions for the use of the phone.

Agnes Obel - Citizen of glass. Agnes Obel is the quality of the classic transmuted into music. Balance, neutrality, beauty. Feelings and emotions that are transmitted with balanced touches, almost restrained. Always a great pleasure!

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