Slow Season - Westing. The Slow Season live in the ‘70s. Their music, the way they dress, their attitude, everything seems to belong to another era. A modern version of Led Zeppelin that I like as Led Zeppelin never did.

Horse Latitudes - Primal Gnosis. Finns as the Dark Buddha Rising, friends of Dark Buddha Rising with a similar attitude toward music and sound. Here you will find darkness, violence and brutality with a meditative attitude. They are extreme: it is up to you to try to ride such an obscure wave.

Landing - Third Sight. A psychedelic pill that takes you into a magical world of muted colors and soft touches. A journey into wonderland.

Willie Sugarcapps - Paradise Right Here. This is Grayson Capps’ newest album with his band. Grayson Capps is a fantastic musician and storyteller. To him we owe one of the most magical evenings of 2016 here at Cascina Bellaria with a concert that will live long in our memories. Paradise Right Here is the magnificent usual mix of roots American music with blues and Country influences.

Joe Ely - Panhandle Rambler. Another perfect album for a big old musician. No surprise - the usual dusty roads of America described with his usual skill and art.

Broncho - Double Vanity. They come from Oklahoma, have a sluggishness that makes you feel immediately comfortable. You sit on the porch, a cold beer in your hand, you listen to them and feel like God.

Raime -Tooth. Wonderful dark electronic music. Since the last album by Boards of Canada I have not listened to anything like this. A journey into an abyss of sampled sounds, obsessive rhythms, soft hiss, synthesizers. Anxious and soft at the same time.

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