Samsara Blues Experiment – Revelation & Mystery: doom and psychedelic rock atmosphere in this german band, an explosion of energy. A masterly touch of guitars as some bands in the end of past century. I give you the curiosity to listen the song Zwei Schatten Im Schatte.

Tides From Nebula – Earthshine: I recommend you this post-rock Polish band to refind you interior peacefulness. Let y

ourself be transported by their notes even when the sound of guitars become more vibrant. Wear your headphone and let yourself fall in the abyss of music.

Midori Takada – Through The Looking Glass: this album of 1983 is really adapt for the lover of sperimental sounds, ipnotic and full of energy. 4 songs in 40 minutes in a surreal composition of sounds, as we are in a Alice in Wonderland landscape.

Koan – When The Silence Is Speaking: it's too restrictive to define this album psychedelic chill-out, in particular for songs like Selena's Song and Dance of Nereids. A jazz composer of electronic/instrumental music.

Gregory and the Hawk - Moenie and Kitchi: let us lead by this sweet american poli-instrumentalist, called Meredith Godreau. Let lose yourself in some dreams while in the body resound her melodic voice.

Lights & Motion – Reanimation: from the nordic cold of sweden born these instrumental post-rock/alternative compositions that remind us in some adventure film and that have the power to recharge and reanimate us, as the perfect title of this album.

Agalloch - The White: with this old metal album we go back in the past, a dark/ambient atmosphere from the States. One of their best album. Melancholy and dark background in which only dark souls can find deep pleasure.

Rising Appalachia - Filthy Dirty South: from the explosive mixture of banjo, violin, drums, kalimba, conga, didgeridoo, darbuka, washboard, different drums and spoons can realize songs tipically folk and soul. It's very nice the performance of the bulgarian song Zavedi Me Lalino. These poli-instrumental american sisters, Leah e Chloe, know let us feel integrated in the sound of the World, a single global vibration.

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