To help your post-christmas holidays digestion, if you have swam in bucolic binges or not, I enjoy your soul with some artists and albums that will sail in your stomach and they will move through many sort of foods to arrive direct in your heart. Enjoy the music!!

Echotide – As our floodlights gave way to dawn: in this post rock australian group you will find the same quiet imprint of nord-europe band, but with the strenght energy that only australian sun will put in the blood of whom is born in those land.

Frames – In via: Irish indie/rock genre in which you'll find the '90 sound, the wedding between plectrum and drum born in the worldwide garage, but you'll find also a dusting addition of actual sounds.

If These Trees Could Talk – Red Forest: we stay on post-rock, perfect for post-christams, because this American group, with similar sonority of A Perfect Circle and Tools, is able to shake our soul with electric guitars vibes that bring us in the same trance of a sufi meditation.

Doug Cox and Salil Bhatt – Slide to Freedom: awakening of sense in this very particular fusion band that mixed indian traditional music, with the Satvik Veena (modified Slide Guitar) made by Salil Bhatt and the Doug Cox's blues guitar, Mississippi delta meets Gange delta.

Tycho – Dive: californian polyedric artist who will be able to shape ambient melodies as a painting, moving electronic vibes as Impressionistic brushed.

Carolina Chocolate Drops – Genuine Negro Jig: a sound that awake American folk music, that remember us Albama and Georgia sonority. Skipping and shaking ourselves with the duet of a banjo and a violin that arrive in all ours cells, tapping the feet on the floor.

Balmorhea – Stranger: we stay in theUnited States for this minimalistic/instrumental rock band. They put together music with grace and energy that notes seems to dance on the staff lines, passing from fast moves to delicate and light sonority.

Gregory Alan Isakov – The Weatherman: he is an indie/rock poet, australian and immigrated to the United States who is able, in 45 minutes, to make us feel in a summer evenings, on the porch, while we are rocking in our rocking chair, watching sunrise on the horizon, with a faithful dog sleeping beside us. Not bad to wish you all a peaceful and happy 2016!!!

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