Ott – Fairchildren: is a British record producer and musician of electronic, dub, ambient, ethnic electronica. In this very rithmic album we can prepare ourself for a surrealistic journey of rhythms and splash our soul with sounds. Listen "Ship Is Not A Child".

Allah-Las – Allah-Las: we can resurrect the 60's in this anachronistic America album of 2012. Let's jump in a pair of flared jeans and dance togheter as we are in a outdoor festival like Woodstock.

Collapse Under The Empire - Shoulders & Giants: an instrumental post-rock band from Hamburg (Germany) that powerfully knows how vibrate a guitar to arrive since the deepest area of our soul and also knows to caress our heart with extreme kindness. Listen "There's No Sky and The Last Reminder".

Rachel Sermanni - Tied to The Moon: spectacular voice and interpretation of Rachel, a Scottish folk and indie musician that can transport us really since the Moon with her elegant female power.

Crooked Still - Shaken By a Low Sound: let's mix a cello, a banjo, a bass, a violin and an irish vocalist and then we could enjoy our poor ass standing up and swaying. A friendly advice, listen "Ain't No Grave".

Rama – Rama: if you have never listen a really rock-mantra, in a perfect yogic spirit, this is your occasion! The guitars explode invocating the power of Rama. A perfect symbiosis of sounds in which you can collapse. In particular the first song "Rama".

Cobra Gypsies - Raphael Treza: this is not only an album, but more. It's a documentary of Raphael a film maker who has traveled to northern India and lived among an ancient tribe known as the Kalbeliya for three months. Cobra Gypsies is the vibrant and enlightening document of that journey. In this documentary you can listen a spectacular soundtrack ("You live in me"), you can admire suggestive colors of photos and you can imagine to travel in ancient lands putting the nose out of your faked and shining routine.

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