Presentation new cd "Soundtrack for an unquiet night" - June 27th 2015 h 9.30 pm - Free admission

Cropcircle project launched in 2004 from Cecco's idea of creating electronic experimental music in which merging Ambient music influences with more mysterious music influences linked to Coil.

His first CD, 'Soundtrack for a perfect nightmare', launched in 2005 and received superb reviews from several web magazines, one of which is 'Vital Weekly'.

Very strong are the dark-ambient influences in this work, although several influences linked to the 'Tangerine Dream' are present too.

In this very same year we have his first live performance at Cantalupo Ligure 'Festivalbara', a music festival which is held in an abandoned factory. This live music performance is included in the live CD 'Soundtrack for Festival Bara'.

His second album launched at the end of 2005 and is called 'Radiography'. In this work The influence of old school industrial music is stronger and substitutes the spacial sounds which were present in previous works.

Always in 2005 Cecco founded the 'Creative Fields Rec' and its first publication is a tribute to the late John Balance from Coil. Cropcircle comes out with a personal version of 'Blood from the air' in which a guitar is used for the first time.

In the next years Cecco will be engaging in producing music with his own label and will be attending several gigs with Cropcircle, all of which are included in the live album 'Soundtrack for buca di San Vincenzo' (2008).

Studio recordings will be limited to music remixes performed for various projects of the 'Creative Fields Rec' and collaborations with partner labels such as The Old Europa Cafe' and the Invisible Eye prod.

We have to wait until 2012 to have a new music release, 'Spektracular', a 43 minute suite, in which the concept of Dark-Ambient is re-explored in a circular and hypnotic key. It has to be highlighted that it is with this production that his business collaboration with painter and friend Davide Minetti has begun. Since then Minetti will take care of the graphic aspects of Cecco's albums.

In 2013 Cropcircle composes the soundtrack to Daniela Badeski's poems ( Camerata Mediolanese and Rosa Rubea); the CD is enclosed with the book 'De l'amor rubeo e de l'Amor sospeso' edited by 'L'Arca e l'Arco Edizioni'.

During the summer of the same year the CD 'hymns for frozen dream' is released; this work is inspired by dreams and the anxiety which dreams generate. For the first time in a Cropcircle's CD we have the guests such as Davide Borghi (Alberion) and Marco Grosso (Ouroboros).

At the beginning of this year, in order to celebrate his 10 years activity, he starts recording a series of songs which will be used in a series of 'splits' limited to 50 copies. The first song of this series is performed together with friend and work partner Marco Grosso and his main project 'Ouroboros' and has been recently released, whilst future splits will be performed with Corpoparassita and other projects which are to be confirmed in due course.



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